MBL Presets

When I first began my career as a photographer, I always carried the belief that my individual editing style was something that I actively had to hunt for. I struggled to figure out what exactly I was most drawn to, always searching for a happy medium that I felt best described me as an artist and told my client’s story effortlessly.

Then one day in the middle of a long editing session, it hit me out of the blue. Deep shadows, warm oranges, muted greens. They spoke to me. I realized in that moment that our styles truly do find us when we least expect it, and I then spent the following years perfecting those tones.

I’m now overjoyed to be able to share my personal presets with this wonderful community.

This MBL preset pack focuses on bringing out the warmth of long summer evenings. 

I hope that you will find these presets helpful within your own work and that you use them to tell your own personal story as an artist.

MBL 01
MBL 03
MBL 02